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At BIDRIDER we like to make things as simple as possible, so we have provided an easy Step by Step process of how BIDRIDER can help you purchase vehicles listed on

  1. Search and locate the vehicle that you would like to bid on.
  2. Register online with BIDRIDER via or
  3. Pay minimum deposit of $400 USD or 15% of your choosen Bid limit via PayPal. Print and fax payment Confirmation page to BIDRIDER.
  4. BIDRIDER emails out your own individual Bidder Number and Password.
  5. Log into Copart using your new Bidder Number and Password and place your bid.
  6. BIDRIDER notifies you of your win by your preferred contact method and asks you to deposit the outstanding amount (including BIDRIDER's Transaction fee) into our Bank account ASAP. Once again print and fax Payment Confirmation page to BIDRIDER.
  7. BIDRIDER pays for the vehicle which then can be released.
  8. From here you can either arrange your own transport and importation or ask BIDRIDER to do some or all of this for you. Information about transportation
  9. BIDRIDER couriers documentation, including titles to a destination of your choice.
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Bidrider Limited is not owned by or affiliated with Copart, Inc., or its subsidiaries. All vehicles are purchased from Bidrider Limited not Copart.